Tattoo Betty

The Tattoo Betty was born in Sacramento California in 1983. She is a Tattoo artist out of Heaven or Hell Tattoo and Body Piercing in Fairfield Ca. Tattooing has been her primary occupation for Ten years now. She views herself as someone who will always be involved in the Arts. Not just artistically, but musicaly as well. She enjoys playing upright bass. Her last Musical endevour was as bass player for the Rock n Roll Rubys, an all girl Johnny Cash cover band. She has been skateboarding since she was a kid, and enjoys going to the skatepark with her son every week. Car Shows and Beach Cruiser rides are other things she enjoys doig with her sons. She also enjoys cooking.

Jinxie Jenkins

Hello, my name is Jinxie Jenkins. I am the mother of one amazing seven year old son. I am a permanent cosmetics specialist, and have been working in this field for 11 years. You can find me at Studio 13 or Black Dagger Tattoo Lounge. I’m an eccentric, compassionate person always looking to give a helping hand. One of my passions in life has always been art. I enjoy painting, sculpting and photography. My portfolio is always changing and evolving alongside my personal preference of creativity. I am also a collector of all things dark and beautiful, such as animal bones and insects. I have always been an animal lover, and supporter of animal rights. I currently have two cats; one a lovely rescue, and the other a pure white bengal. I love reptiles, and have an Amazon Green newt named Neil Diamond, and now a decomposing tarantula. I love to fill my closet with thrift store finds and treasures. My record collection contains everything from Janis Joplin to Black Sabbath. I’m always on the hunt for vinyl gold. Currently, my greatest passion is being President of The Vivacious Vixens. I pour every spare moment I have into the group, whether it be booking photo shoots, organizing events, or just being a supportive sister to my tribe. I’m constantly inspired to motivate and expand by helping other women feel beautiful in their own skin. Some of my accomplishments in this form of art are appearing in Glam Rock, Garters and Grills, and being in the Operation Warrior Foundation calendar. I have also appeared on many webpages such as Hula Honeys, Pinup Worship, Tattooed Babes and Beards, and Retro Lovely

Miss Lipstick

Miss lipstick I consider myself a plus size diva bodacious bombshell vixen and pinup model my hobbies include burlesque dancing , singing and modeling ,and when I'm not rocking the stager the camera I enjoyed being a mom and being a killer hairstylist. I've been doing burlesque for about three years now and I've performed many venues from Sacramento to the bay and I enjoy it because it gives me the body empowerment and confidence Facebook is www.facebookcom/misslipstickpinup

Brandi Beloved

Hello my name is Brandi beloved. I have been in the rockabilly / pinup community for about 10 years now heavily involved with behind-the-scenes hair and makeup and pose coaching. I have been published internationally in several different magazines including car kulture deluxe, retro lovely and delicious dolls, amongst others. I have worked with many different photographers and continue to have my passions lie within the makeup realm. I am one of the first five original members of the vivacious Vixens. we formed this group to empower all women to do what they love, whatever size they are, whatever skin tone they are, with no prejudice. I'm proud to be a member of the vivacious Vixens because they promote positivity and girl power while not bullying anybody.




Mzbonez,  a model with the Vivacious Vixens. Not only does she brings a sultry gaze & all those curves to the table but she is also a published MUAH artist & mother of one. Size acceptance, body positivity & women's empowerment keeps this girl in the beauty industry combating all the stereotypes that come across her path.

Jackie Pinupples

Aloha!! I'm Jackie Pinuppples. I'm a prospect for the lovely Vivacious Vixens. I'm a tropical fun loving pinup. I love car shows and anything retro. I'm all about being positive .I'm in barber school at the moment. I want to make people look good and feel even better about themselves. I chose to do pinup modeling because it makes you feel beautiful and raises your self love vibes.
I love the Vivacious Vixens because we're all strong, supportive women/men  just trying to be better people and supporting eachothers dreams and passions.

Flor De Azalea

Flor De Azalea Recipe:
This audacious libation is native to Northern California. It’s refreshing at car shows and pinup pageants alike. Notes of creativity, and gypsy spirits will make this potable the talk of your next party!
Start with equal parts:
- Charisma
- Uniqueness
- Nerve &
- Talent
- Top with glamour, a dash of irreverence and a zest for life.
- Shake…rattle and roll
- Pour into a Big Gulp© cup. Garnish with glitter, a hair flower and a cocktail umbrella
Pairs well with: tacos, cigarettes, and weirdos

As a plus size model I embrace my curves and hope to inspire other women to emanate self-love and embrace their bodies. Modeling with the Vivacious Vixens fuels my passion for creating flamboyant fashions, and embracing the exceptional. Stay tuned to see what I dream up next and If you spot me don’t be a stranger come say: “Hiyeee!”
Love, Peace, & Hair Grease,
Flor De Azalea

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